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Rules & Regulations

These RULES and REGULATIONS are designed for the protection of owners of interment rights as a group. They are intended, not as restraining, but rather as preventing the inconsiderate from taking unfair advantage of others. Their enforcement will help protect your cemetery and create and preserve its beauty. All owners and interment rights, visitors and contractors performing work within the cemetery shall be subject to said RULES and REGULATIONS, amendments or alterations as shall be adopted by the cemetery.

1. The purchasers of grave sites who violate the RULES and REGULATIONS adopted by the Board of Directors shall be subject the the following: Purchase money of sites owned will be returned minus any damages caused by the violation plus a 10% administration fee and prohibition to use or own grave sites in Gulf Cemetery in the future.

2. Vendors are also subject to the RULES and REGULATIONS adopted by the Board of Directors. Violation of the RULES and REGULATIONS will upon majority vote of the Board prohibit them from offering their services at Gulf Cemetery.

3. No trees shall be removed without prior approval by cemetery management unless approved in writing.

4. Each grave site shall be approximately 6 x 12 feet.

5. Each Block will contain 16 sites. They will be identified and numbered 1 thru 16. Number 1 thru 8 will be located on the Western side of the block, and rise in ascending order 1 thru 8 South to North direction. Sites 9 thru 16 will be located on the Eastern side of the Block and rise in ascending order 9 thru 16 in a South to North direction.

6. All grave sites in South section and the new sections to the West must face the East.

7. All monuments must be placed along the West site line no closer than 6 inches to site boundary.

8. Only one monument per grave site is permitted.

9. All site owners shall contact cemetery management for approval before altering the natural setting by placing any object or plant on their site. Approval shall be given in writing.

10. Complete payment must be made in full before any burial or monument is placed on site.

11. No site shall be used for any purpose than for the burial of the human dead.

12. It is the responsibility of the site owner to notify management of any change of address.

13. No interments of two or more bodies shall be made in one site except in the case of parent and child or two infants buried in one casket.

14. The cemetery will not be liable for the interment permit or the identity of the person sought to be interred. It is the site owners responsibility to identify the location of the interment.

15. Monuments shall not exceed 42″ in height or cover more than two-thirds of the site.

16. No site owner shall erect any fence, wall or curbing around any site or place thereon any cement or stone slab or gravel of any kind on any site or walkway leading to or from such site on any Block from WA-1 thru WA-30 and Block WU-1 thru WU-30 and everything in between.

17. No glass containers will be permitted to be placed on any site due to the safety factor.

18. Flowers from burial services or plastic ornaments my be removed if they become unsightly.

19. A cement, steel or equivalent strength vault must be provided at the site owners cost.

20. Pauper burials, after proof has been submitted that a resident or his relatives do not have sufficient funds to pay for interment than the Board may grant site space for such interment.

21. The Cemetery shall have first option to repurchase sites at the original purchase price, less 5% administrative cost not to exceed $100.00.

22. Normal care provided by Gulf Cemetery Association will consist of mowing/cutting of the cemetery. As required, removal of dead or severely damaged trees, upkeep of roads and water points. All other site maintenance will be the site owners responsibility.

23. No disinterment shall be made except with prior approval of cemetery management.

24. In order to control growth and keep expenses for maintenance at a minimum Management shall designate those grave sites for sale in order to maintain orderly growth.

25. Persons who dump trash, leave bottles, or other waste or garbage will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law possible.

26. Any individual, whether private or vendor representative, who willfully disrespects the dead by driving on grave sites and not using designated roadways, will be prosecuted for any damages as well as face possible denial of future use of the Cemetery as determined by the BOARD of DIRECTORS.


1. All site purchases shall be in sequence, when site 1 is sold the next sale will be site 2.

2. All site sizes shall be 24″ square.

3. All markers shall be flush with the ground.

4. All markers shall be 18″ wide and 9″ high, 3″ thick and be of uniform medium gray in color.

5. Lettering shall be 3″ high for the name, and 1 1/2″ high for the dates of birth and death.

6. Should a marker be improperly installed, (not in line with adjacent markers) the Gulf Cemetery shall have the automatic right to re-set ore remove the marker the cost of which shall be paid by the purchase.

7. The site owner shall provide the non-biodegradable container which shall comply with existing state laws.

8. No flowers, real or artificial, or statues or planting is permitted within the enclosed area.

9. All markers shall be installed in the enclosed area facing West.

10.Headstones donated by the Veterans Department will be approved for veterans.

These RULES and REGULATIONS shall be attached to the Certificate of Ownership and warrants that the purchaser shall comply with them.

These RULES and REGULATIONS were revised on 11-06-2007. The Board reserves the right to revise the RULES and REGULATIONS on an as needed basis to insure Gulf Cemetery keeps the image of a serene cemetery and is managed well.

Historic Gulf Cemetery - Santa Rosa Beach, FL