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Veterans Interred At Gulf Cemetery

We certainly do not want to overlook anyone, therefore if you have or know of a loved one who has served and is buried at Gulf Cemetery, please provide as much information as you can concerning rank, branch of service, etc. and we will be happy to add their names to our list.

Please note that headstones, footstones and memorial medallions for qualifying veterans are free. Click here for more information.

Located below, in alphabetical order, are the men and women interred at Gulf Cemetery who have served our country in order to protect our freedom:

Last Name, First Name, SuffixRank / ServiceWar ServedDates of ServiceBurial Section /Lot
Adams, James(Center behind Unknown)
Old 23 Lot 13
Allen, Claude E.MSgt, Air Force5/6/1928 to 4/20/1993Old 25 Lot 13
Backmann , Peter H.Air Force9/20/1941 to 5/28/1996Old 21 Lot 2
Banard, RalphMajor, Air ForceWWII, KoreaOld 34 Lot 3
Barrett, William (A or W)ArmyNorth H-4 Lot 10 or 11?
Beaudry, Romeo A.PFC 38th INF3/30/1901 to 3/25/1951 North Row 3
Becker, James F.Sgt, Army
(Company B 68th Armored Infantry)
Passed away 9/10/2012West T-2 Lot 1
Bishop, Robert E.PFC Army Ev Hosp1/29/1915 to 12/27/1965Old 38 Lot 2
Bishop, Don C.Air Force8/15/16 to 11/23/2008Old 39 Lot 15
Bright, WilliamCoast GuardWest F-2 Lot 5
Brown, Geo. H.Lt. Col. 65 ILL. Inf.UnknownOld 15 Lot 15
Buck, AbramOO.E 11 ILL Cav.UnknownOld 30 Lot 5
Butler, Miriam L.(Legacy)Lt. Col.Army12/20/1914 to 4/11/1995Old 35 Lot 1
Carone, BernardArmy CalavaryWWIIOld 49 Lot 11
Casey, Pauline(Center R of Unknown)Old 16 Lot 1
Chambless, Rex R.CWO2 Army/Merchant Marine E23Vietnam8/15/2016 to 11/23/2008 West T-2 Lot 1
Clauson, CurtisCol. Air Force, NavyWWII(AF), Korea & Vietnam (Navy)4/26/1925 to 4/4/2009South A5 Lot 5
Cohran, Floyd E.S1 NavyWWII2/27/1922 to 9/5/1965Old 31 Lot 11
Colby, Lester E.MM NavyKorea12/30/1909 to 12/21/1989Old 15 Lot 6
Collins, Walter W.Army, Air ForceWWII (Army), Korea (Air Force)11/16/1923 to 1/29/1996Old 48 Lot 1
Conn, Henry L.Colonel, Air ForceVietnam6/4/2011South C5 Lot 3
Cooper, Joseph B.6/4/1923 to 1/4/2005Old 13 Lot 3
Copeland, Donald(Center by Exit Road) Old 20 Lot 4
Cranford, Jack Sr.ColonelWWII, Korea, Vietnam (Flying)10/13/2000 to 4/10/2007South 41 Lot 15
Cranford, Phillip R.W01 Army1951 to 1977South 41 Lot 13
Crawford, Eugene C.SP2 Army Korea10/28/1933 to 4/27/1990 Old 48 Lot 13
Darnell, Charles ESgt ArmyKorea, Vietnam11/18/1929 to 12/22/1994Old 19 Lot 1
Davis, Tommy-LouNavy1925 to 2006Old 19 Lot 9
Davis, Robert (Father)BMC NavyWWI, WWII12/9/01 to 10/2/1961Old 33 Lot 13
Davis, Robert C.H. (Son of)MM1 Navyto 1979Old 38 Lot 15
Dier, Blanche Joe Jr.Lt. Col./Chaplin Air ForceWWII, Korea (Chaplin), Vietnam (Chaplin)1924 to 2005North I-7 Lot 10
Dougherty, EdwardArmyKorea, VietnamWest A-2 Lot 3
Drake, RayArmyVietnam1/29/1924 to 5/16/1992Old 45 Lot 5
Duffy, Thomas J.FN Navy11/17/1958 to 9/8/1995Old 11 Lot 9
Dykes, Downer PaceE-5WWIINorth H-8 Lot 14
Elgee, Farris M.North E-2 Lot 6
Eyestone, Richard E.ArmyWWII5/6/1924 to 4/21/1993Old 30 Lot 15 or 16
Farrington, DavidSgt. Air Force1969 to 1973
Ferguson, Robert G.Sgt. Air ForceWWIINorth, H8 Lot 12
Ferguson, Norman R.Lt. Col. Air ForceKorea, Vietnam7/1/1971 to 5/22/2005Old 35 Lot 11
Foxwell, Reginald HopeWest U-1 Lot 15
Frye, Lee H.Lt. Col. Air ForceWWII, Korea, Vietnam1/30/1918 to 9/2/1983Old 26 Lot 12
Gee, Thomas C.Sgt.4/27/1913 to 9/11/2004Old 28 Lot 10
Gilmore, George W.Lt. Col. Air ForceWWII12/13/1913 to 9/9/7Old 45 Lot 13
Glassley, Charles M.PFC ArmyWWII6/13/1921 to 3/17/1997Old 48 Lot 3
Gonzalez, June P.Lt. Col. Army9/7/1917 to 7/20/1969Old 35 Lot 2
Hansen, William F.Jr.PHOM(Navy), MSGT (Air Force)Navy, Air ForceVietnam1921 to 1975Old 7 Lot 5
Harrison, Sam L.R.Lt. Col. 58 USCL (Army?)Old 31 Lot 4
Harsrvedt, TerjeCMC NavyWWII9/23/2005Old 22 Lot 7
Harstvedt,Knute (Gus)Navy4/18/1937 to 12/29/1987Old 22 Lot 11
Harstvedt, Odin M.Sgt. Air Res. Sq.(Air Force)WWII11/25/1927 to 2/20/1965Old 19 Lot 3
Hauth, Wrex K.III.Major, Air Force7/9/1953 to 3/24/2000North I-7 Lot 12
Hendricks, Robert E.(South R side of far S rd.) South B-5 Lot 1
Hiersche, Alfred Oscar Jr.MSGT Air ForceVietnamWest S-1 Lot 14
Holcomb, Thomas H.Major ArmyWWII6/10/1921 to 1/29/2008North E-3 Lot 15
Holley,James A.CMOMM NavyWWII10/23/1917 to 12/26/2008Old 23 Lot 1 (Cremation)
Holley, Alfred Jr.CMOMM NavyWWII, KoreaOld 32 Lot 1
Holmes, William M.Major, Air ForceKorea, WWII5/29/1920 to 11/25/1987Old 35 Lot 5
Howard, ErmelMaster Sergeant, Air ForceWWII, Korea, VietnamNorth L-4 Lot 12
Howell, GabrielleCorporal ArmyAfghanistanWest J-1 Lot 1
Hughes, Kenneth DonLance Corporal, MarinesVietnam1968 to 1971West O-2 Lot 3
Hull, Horace E. Jr.MOMM NavyWWII12/11/1921 to 6/1/2004South C-9 Lot 1
Jenkins, David H.WO, MarinesWWII9/4/1911 to 7/24/2002North G-2 Lot 5
Jennings, William EdwinCol.(DMV), ArmyOld 42 Lot 13-14
Johnson, Wilder AngwinMajor, Army1901 to 1977Old 42 Lot 16
Jones, Arthur M.Col, Air ForceDied 2/19/2011 (Video)Old 44 Lot 13
Kelley, William Dalton Jr.SGM Army, NavyKorea (Navy), Vietnam (Navy)1934 to 2004Old 44 Lot 7
Kemp,Allyn D.UTN 3, Navy2012North K-4 Lot 4
King, Ralph BurtonMMRI, NavyWWII, Korea, Vietnam1910 to 1980Old 35 Lot 15
Kirkner, Frank MossPFC, ArmyWWI1895 to 1978Old 25 Lot 1
Kuykendall, Jimmie LeeSP4, ArmyVietnam1/30/1936 to 1/10/2008Old 33 Lot 2
Kuykendall, Willis H.PVTWWI9/8/1896 to 5/9/1961Old 33 Lot 1
LaPlante, William F.PFC, ArmyWWII12/18/1928 to 7/25/2001North J-3 Lot 8
Leslie, George P.MOMM3, Navy1/27/1916 to 7/8/1974Old 21 Lot 16
Loalbo William MartinWest F-1 Lot 1
Locke, JamesCol, Air ForceWest J-1 Lot 11
Mall, Ralph G.Sgt, MarinesKorea3/27/1937 to 3/9/2002North I-10 Lot 7
Matthew, Schuyler L.LCDR, Navy1906 to 1978Old 24 Lot 15
McHugh, Bernie L.Jr.Capt, Air ForceKorea11/12/1930 to 10/21/2006North E-8 Lot 1
McKenney,Wm. O’Dean2/24/2005North I-2 Lot 3
McLawhorn, Robert E.MSgt, Air ForceWWII, Korea12/24/1919 to 12/8/1987Old 16 Lot 8
Mercer, Frank SrCol, Air Force9/8/1913 to 10/2/1997South A-9 Lot 5
Miller, Robert E.Cpl, MarinesWWII7/16/1924 to 2/12/1999South A-4 Lot 11
Moll, Joseph John Sr.PHMI Navy, MarinesWWI (Navy), Korea9/4/1911 to 2/9/1973North Row 2
Montabana, Anthony MikeCorporal, ArmyKorea1952-1954South 50 Lot 5
Murphree, Rodger H.Army2/28/1929 to 7/10/01South B-4Lot 1
Nelson, Jimmie RayRIC, Air ForceKorea11/17/1935 to 11/25/1995Old 16 Lot 1
Ostrowski, GeorgeCMSgt, Air ForceWWII, Korea1915 to 1987Old 16 Lot 5
Owens, Marvin E.MSgt, Air ForceVietnam2/1/1934 to 8/1/1997South B-6 Lot 16
Pate, LorettaMarinesOld 32 Lot 2
Pate MillardMarinesOld 32 Lot 1
Pence, Lester MarshallAIC, Air ForceWest B-3 Lot 16
Pentel, RobertPFC, ArmyWWII1920 to 1977Old 28 Lot 13
Pfeiffer, Richard E.SP4, ArmyVietnam7/9/1942 to 2/7/2004North E-4 Lot 6
Pierce, Arthur P.Brig. Gen., Air Force1/30/1909 to 11/28/1980Old 37 Lot 5
Ray, James Earl Jr.NavyVietnam11/06/2000North I-3 Lot 1
Ray, James Earl Sr.Lt. Col., ArmyWWII, Korea10/08/2009West V-1 Lot 9
Register, Joe R.A1C, Air Force9/29/1941 to 4/28/2005North E-7 Lot 9
Renc, Wallace Jr.Capt, Air Force2008North H-4 Lot 6
Reynolds, King OdellKorea, Vietnam1994Old 36 Lot 5
Robinson, Walter JamesMajor, Air ForceWWII10/29/1923 to 11/5/2007South D-8 Lot 3
Robson, George D. D. (Destin-Grandfather) 9/5/1900 to 4/11/1956Old 32 Lot 12
Robson, Amanda1/10/1892 to 5/24/1975Old 32 Lot 11
Rouden, Mazi V.ArmyWWII9/28/1915 to 4/2/1976Old 18 Lot 1
Ryan, Kenneth W. M.Sgt.WWII, Korea, Vietnam1940 to 1969Old 18 Lot 1
Saltzgaber, Ray NewtonMerchant MarinesWWIISouth A-8 Lot 15
Scott, Samuel A.3/1/1918 to 6/3/2007Old 19 Lot 16?
Smith, Sam G.Air Force5/5/1917 to 5/11/1987Old 29 Lot 14
Smith, IvanOld 42 Lot 4, site 2
Smith, Kenneth F.PVT, ArmyWWII7/18/1907 to 2/25/1997South A-8 Lot 13
Smith, ArlonSgt, Air ForceKoreaWest D-1 Lot 13?
Smith, Steven ThomasWest D-2 Lot 16
Stanley, Lewis EdwardNorth F-4 Lot 7
Stephenson, John RobertAir Force1/2009North H-7 Lot 9
Sullivan, Mary LouiseLtCol, ArmyKorea1915 to 1978Old 24 Lot 11
Suriano, Carmine J.Old 19 Lot 14
Suriano, Josephine M. Old 19 Lot 13
Swinburne, RandolphNavy1956 to 1984Old 41 Lot 1
Tetrick Ron
Tharpe, Randell RayMarinesVietnamSouth C-8 Lot 3
UNKNOWNat Gulf Cemetery American Flag
UNKNOWNin Catholic Section
Urban, John CharlesSP3, ArmyKorea11/1/1934 to 5/16/1995South 50 Lot 16
Vota,Joseph LabertoArmy10/7/11 to 3/19/2000Old 6 Lot 13
Voyles, Martha AnnLtCol, ArmyKoreaOld 24 Lot 12
Walden, Steven WaynePVT, ArmyWest B-1 Lot 10
Williams, Carlton HubertApprentice Seaman, NavyWWII10/12/1944Old 41 Lot 3
Wilson, Alan P.Col, 1 2 Va InfSP-AMW11/25/1927 to 2/20/1965South 31 Lot 16
Wish, RobertOld 49
Wolff, BernardArmyWWIISouth 50 Lot 14
Zaharski, Leonard F.PFC, ArmyWWII1917 to 1980Old 41 Lot 12
Zollner, Robert W.RCT, ArmyVietnam4/18/1949 to 8/8/1973Old 25 Lot 12
Historic Gulf Cemetery - Santa Rosa Beach, FL