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3 Ways to Donate

We are committed to maintaining Historic Gulf Cemetery to show the utmost respect for those buried on these beautiful grounds. It is only through lot sales and donations that we are able to continue to ensure the cemetery is well-maintained. We continue to make every effort to minimize the cost of lots at the cemetery so that a proper resting place is affordable for as many people as possible. We are also very reliant upon donations from the community, our supporters, lot owners and those whose loved ones are buried here.

Personal or Corporate Donations

We accept online personal or corporate donations through the website. Your generous donation can be made as a one-time payment or scheduled annually or monthly.

Donate Your Time

Volunteers allow us to manage the cemetery, maintain the grounds and organize different event. If you would like to join others who are generous in nature and want to help preserve Historic Gulf Cemetery, please let us know.

Donate An Honor Tree

The Trees on the Coast Program

Trees on the Coast works along the Florida Panhandle to improve our coastal waterways and parks through tree plantings, beach cleanups, and education. They encourage and support individual, groups, and government efforts that help keep our local environment cleaner, greener, and more inviting place to live, work, and play.

They have given us the opportunity to offer their Donate An Honor Tree program. For $100, a lovely oak tree is planted at Gulf Cemetery and an associated plaque is customized with your loved one’s information.

Thank you for choosing to make a difference!

Historic Gulf Cemetery - Santa Rosa Beach, FL